Who we are

With our busy lives we sometimes forget to stop for a moment, to truly connect our mind to our body. We started Yoga & Salt to help busy people like you to get this connection back. Our mission is to use Yoga & the healing properties of salt to dissolve any negative vibrations of your daily life, while increasing your positive energy and health.


What is Yoga & Salt

Salt therapy has been around since ancient times. It was (and still is) used to treat many different types of health problems and strengthen the immune system. It’s natural & holistic, being known to aid in detoxifying the respiratory system, heal skin conditions, promote better breathing, sounder sleep and overall wellness; it can help alleviate many symptoms.

In our studio the walls and floor are covered in salt. The salty air offers natural healing properties with each deep, cleansing breath, while you follow your instructor through a series of yoga poses. More than just a sport, this whole life style approach allows you to find balance, stability, health and happiness.

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Our Values


Purity gives way to happiness, constant clearing is the path to happiness and renewal.


Being active by practicing yoga is already a way to take care of yourself. Combined with salt therapy will free you from toxins and negative thoughts.


Being in harmony with mother nature allows you to be mindful of oneself and others.

Our Team

Clark Kent

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James Gordon

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